Welcome To New Name

May you experience freedom from your past, peace in your present and hope for your future.

About Us


Welcome to New Name Ministries, a nonprofit, faith-based organization located in Dawsonville, Georgia. We seek to glorify God and serve our community by assisting people in freedom from your past, peace in your present, and hope for your future.

Our Vision

For all people to live in peace and with purpose.

What We Can Do For You

Discipleship Counseling

Our philosophy and process make us unique compared to most other forms of counseling.

Coaching Leadership Mentorship

Discovering your talents, gifts, strengths, passions, dreams, and calling.

Essentials Training

An in-depth classroom experience for those who are called to help and serve others who are struggling with life’s issues.

Jason’s Book May You

“May You” contains the essentials of the discipleship counseling process used by New Name Ministries. This book is an invitation to experience the spiritual essentials we need for real life change. Freedom from our past clears the way for us to experience the presence of peace, and having peace, our hearts can embrace a future filled with hope.

This journey takes courage, and love will give you the courage you need every step of the way. All you need to do is accept the invitation. May You accept it today.


“New Name Ministries, and Jason Glaze, have been vital over the years for No Longer Bound. Jason has been available to the staff of NLB during critical times in our personal lives, as well as our organization. We have greatly benefited from personal counseling, group facilitation, coaching, and general wise counsel. I am personally grateful that Jason was present during the summer of 2014 to help us wade through NLB’s 20 year vision. NLB has been diligently working towards that vision since that time, and felt great peace and purpose that we are laboring in the correct direction. Teams, and organizations, are merely a collection of people, and people need support to navigate life’s challenges. We are grateful for the partnership with New Name Ministries, and the gracious support they have offered to NLB so we can continue to rescue addicts, regenerate men, and reconcile families.”

“After watching God use New Name in my husband’s life, I opened myself to the possibility of finding freedom. I was living my life never feeling like I was enough. I was exhausted by my efforts to be more and do more. I knew the answers could be found in Christ, but needing some help. The counseling model at New Name helped me to find real freedom. After the hard work of brokenness, I finished the journey with my new name, “Enough.” I am thankful for the example of my husband and for the surrendered hearts and minds of the staff at New Name. God is using them in a powerful way!”

“New Name Ministries has saved our marriage!

We’ve been married for 15 years and we were high school sweethearts. But we’ve always had problems communicating and understanding each other’s feelings. Our lack of communication was creating a wall that was stopping us from being happy. We had become emotionally and physically withdrawn from each other and had reached a breaking point in our marriage. We knew we needed to get help. New Name Ministries helped us to understand each other emotionally and spiritually. With their help we have a much better understanding of what we both need from our relationship and how to get it. We communicate better than we ever have and our marriage is stronger than ever thanks to New Name Ministries.”

“My name is Dana. I am a pastor’s wife and I am a mom to 4 children. About two years ago I began to deal with severe anxiety. Through my anxiety and some issues that my husband and I were going through in our marriage I reached out to New Name for help.  Going through the new name process  I learned that a lot of my anxiety stemmed from fears in my life. But the biggest thing that has changed my life is that I have discovered my true identity. I never realized how much my identity was wrapped up in my children, my husband, and my title of a pastor’s wife. What I learned is that apart from every hat that I wear, apart from everything other people think that I am or am not, I know that I am valued, treasured, worthy, enough, secure, important, and loved. I am not any of these things on my own but I am only these things because of who Jesus is in me. I have learned that many women especially go through much anxiety and midlife depression because they don’t know who or whose they are. I am so thankful that my new name is loved.”

“New Name has revolutionized my thinking about life. Walls have been broken down. I am much closer to God as a result of going through this process. I am a more effective husband, father, and leader in my business.”

“I’ve spent my whole life trying to earn God’s heart. Now because of New Name, I know I can stop trying and just let Him love me. He calls me by name…He sings over me…not for what I do but for what He has done. This is Freedom…This is Peace….This is Love! ”

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