Frequently Asked Questions

Why the New Name?

It has been said that it is impossible to live beyond what you believe about God and yourself. Our emotions and behaviors are simply products of our beliefs. Over the course of our lives, our belief systems are created even if we are not aware of them, and we end up living from our beliefs, or Names. These Names we have for God, self, life, others, etc. are the source of our pain, and freedom comes when we receive our New Names.

How long does the counseling process take?

The average process takes anywhere from four to six months of weekly sessions. Everyone’s situation is unique so the healing process will look differently for each individual.

How much do the sessions cost?

The recommended donation is $90.00 per session. If you have a financial need, please discuss it with your counselor during the assessment.

Does New Name Ministries accept insurance?

No, we do not accept insurance.

Is New Name Ministries a part of a church or denomination?

No, we are not affiliated with any particular church or denomination. Our mission is to serve all the local churches as well as those individuals who are not attending church.

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

While commitment to your weekly sessions is crucial to your healing, we understand that sometimes things happen that will force you to cancel your appointment. We ask that you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled time. If you are unable to give us a 24-hour notice, we ask that you give a donation for the missed appointment.

Are the counselors at New Name Ministries licensed counselors?

Because of our unique approach, New Name trains its own staff or hires staff with similar training. Therefore, New Name does not look to secular standards to necessarily qualify a person for a staff role. New Name staff members are not licensed professional counselors. Instead, many are licensed and/or ordained ministers; some are not.

How many counselors will be in the session?

There is generally one counselor in the session. However, because we are a training center, it is imperative for our trainees to observe the counseling process. Therefore, it’s possible to have both a staff member and a trainee present during your session.

Will what I share in my sessions be kept private?

Yes, your sessions are confidential. The exceptions are the cases where the counselor believes there is a possibility of harm to yourself or others. Also, to ensure the highest quality of counseling, we reserve the right for your counselor to consult with his or her supervisor or co-worker regarding your session. This consultation will be held strictly confidential.