Bobby Shoemaker

Leadership & Christian Coach
Discipleship Counselor

Bobby knows firsthand the impact New Name Ministries can have on a person’s life. Seven years ago, he embarked on the journey as a client of New Name. He had gone through previous counseling, but this time something was different. The most impactful part of the process at New Name for him was the subject of Identity. This allowed him to take a new direction in life following God’s plan for him. Bobby knew there was something special about the process he found at New Name; it was so life-impacting that he knew he wanted to help others and he felt God call him to come and serve at New Name.

Bobby has been married to his wife Claire for 30 years. They have been blessed with 5 beautiful children. Through his personal and professional experience, Bobby has been mentoring, coaching, public speaking, and leading for over 30 years. Bobby feels truly humbled to be a part of New Name and is excited to see lives changed!